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Live video sessions

45 minutes

Face-to-face personalized training via video chat.

Each session is adaptive, educational and designed to give you the motivation, inspiration and specific movements to feel your best every day.


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TEXT Coaching

Weekly check-ins

Ongoing adaptive programming and support so you can workout on your own. 



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First we chat about your goals and I will assess your needs in terms of strength and mobility. I will ask you to complete a series of simple movements so I can assess which exercises will be most beneficial and which cues will be most important to assist you in staying safe and injury-free.

Video chat &

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I write you a program, and you follow it at home or at the gym. As you're working out you can write to me with any questions and I will respond as soon as I am able. If needed, you can send me video so I can assess your progress, make sure you're  staying safe and getting the most out of your workouts.

Programming &


I will check in with you about your progress periodically, as often as you need. We can modify your program and work together to make sure you avoid boredom and keep things fresh.

As you accomplish your goals, we can reassess your needs and adapt to new goals with new programs.

progression & modification

Why online coaching?

Whether you need someone to guide each movement in a workout or you want help finding your independence, I provide individualized programs for sustainable progress toward improved mobility, functional strength and a healthier life.
Working with a coach online offers many benefits over in-person training. You have the choice in how personal our interactions are, and how independent you want to be with your exercise. The work happens on your time, with much more flexibility than training in-person. Additionally, the financial cost of training is significantly lower with online training, thus making it more sustainable and allowing you to feel at ease with committing to building healthy habits in the long-term.

Reach out! Tell me about your favorite ways to move and what fitness means to you.