empowering and uplifting

through personalized movement

and lifestyle coaching

Living a long and vibrant life starts with the choices we make every day. Wellbeing is rooted in daily habits and rituals. Our speciality is to help you make those choices and habits as easy, heath-promoting and life-enhancing as they can be, utilizing the best available scientific evidence and an intention to honor your body for the miracle that it is! 

The diet and fitness industry has profited for decades by bringing people down, propping up a false standard of beauty and health and using lies to sell fake solutions to attain it. This manipulation has seeped into our culture and created an all-too-common background of dysmorphia and dissatisfaction with the appearance of our bodies which must be unlearned mindfully and deliberately.


At Uplifting Movement, we offer an alternative approach to diet and fitness through sustainable lifestyle modification and ongoing coaching services. Our goal is to help you be consistently proactive, doing what's best for your body in the long-term without the obsession with the mirror, the scale or the nutrtion facts on the back of the box. Every change to your lifestyle is coming from a place of respect and appreciation for your body, and a desire to feel confident in your own strength.

Whether you're someone who is struggling to find a healthy balance in your life, or you're struggling with a particular injury or illness, our professional services are here to improve your quality of life at an affordable and flexible price.