Live video Coaching

Face-to-face personal training via video chat.
Each session is adaptive, educational and guaranteed to give you the motivation, instruction and specific movements to feel your best every day.

45 Minute session:


30 Minute session:


* I want everyone to have a joyful fitness practice!
lexible pricing is available to those who need it.

My fitness philosophy

The foundational values in my programming are:
1. Make peace with your body, and move with joy
2. Prioritize long-term health and safety
3. Focus on function, not numbers

Fitness isn't about having a low body-fat percentage, tight six-pack, muscular butt or hulking arms. It shouldn't be judged by the shape of your body, a number on a scale, spectacular feats of athleticism, muscle mass or any of the other metrics we are taught to observe by pop culture and the fitness industry. Fitness isn't a state of being or a necessarily a hobby, either, it's a fundamental part of living a healthy life.
I think fitness is truly about you feeling your best. Every body is unique and every person enjoys different things, so the true test of fitness is whether or not you are able to feel good in your body every day and live the vibrant, functional life that YOU desire. The biggest barrier to attaining this state of fitness is often our schedules, but sometimes it's our beliefs about ourselves. For most people, myself included, movement is easy once you get going, but often it's difficult to start and difficult to stay engaged. That's where I come in as a trainer ––to help people follow-through with what they already know they want to do. The goal is to be your best self every day!

The virtual training process:

First we chat about your needs and goals. I will observe your current state of strength and mobility by having you complete a series of simple movements.

interview &



Programming &

weekly workouts

 I will create a personalized program of exercises that will help you get stronger and more confident while staying safe and injury-free. We meet on a regular basis via video chat. Each session will be adaptive to your needs on a daily basis. 


As you accomplish goals and get a better idea of your needs, we will progress your program and adapt to new goals with new exercises. You own your workout. If there's something you don't enjoy, we will change it!

progression & modification


Why online coaching?

1. Motivation – An appointment will hold you accountable to the activities you know are good for you.

2. Cost – Personal training is a valuable service, but often too expensive. Online training is substantially cheaper than training in-person.

3. Convenience – It's easy to make it to your appointment when you don't need to leave your house.

4. Efficiency – Having a coach help you will ensure that you spend your time effectively doing the best exercises for YOUR body in your workout. No wasted time or energy.

5. Expertise – All exercise can be good exercise, but a professionally engineered program will give you specific ways to make your body move better and give you the confidence to get there safely.

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